Monday, March 26, 2007

OILspace Unveils New Out-Of-The-Box Online Trade Management Software

NEW YORK, N.Y./EWORLDWIRE/March 26, 2007 --- OILspace, a leading provider of real-time, on-demand energy supply chain, risk, and trade management applications has just released its newest online application, Aspect TradeFlo. TradeFlo is a ground-breaking solution that allows firms to bypass the lengthy sales, negotiation and implementation process that comes with purchasing larger enterprise software packages. It allows small trading and brokerage groups and individuals the advantage of logging on to an affordable, customized portal within hours of requesting the solution.

Bronwen Energy, a London-based trading firm, recently conducted a search for a system that would help it record, manage and report trades, and also offer the flexibility to add-on functionality in the future. It looked at the larger, more expensive systems on the market, but nothing compared to the ease of use, Web-accessibility and low cost of TradeFlo.

According to Consultant Andrew Cudjoe of Andrew Ulric LTD, who was tasked with advising and implementing a system for Bronwen, TradeFlo was the perfect option.

Cudjoe says, "It used to be that the only option for a small trading company was to buy a large software package with high implementation and maintenance costs, and more functionality than needed, or adopt a highly labor intensive process through spreadsheets. We looked at TradeFlo, and within just a few days we were managing trades with our same password account access as OILwatch, OILspace’s market data portal. It provides the visibility and deal management functions our team needs - and there’s nothing else like it available."

Matt Stanley of the Bronwen Energy finance team said, "Beyond the attractive cost and online accessibility of TradeFlo is the added benefit of knowing we can integrate additional tools as we need them for accounting, finance logistics and storage. The system will grow with us."

Aspect TradeFlo is a Web-based deal entry and position-keeping system. It combines the ease of use of spreadsheets with the power of exposure and profit-and-loss reporting found in full-featured energy trade management systems. Whether companies are comprised of a one, two or 50-member trading team, the importance of capturing and managing trades and monitoring positions in a professional system is no different. It's vital to a successful, profitable, marketing operation. With Aspect TradeFlo, it's now affordable and accessible to every company.

OILspace President and CEO Steve Hughes says Aspect TradeFlo fills a gap in the market that has long been needed but never before offered.

"Our customers tell us how important it is to be able to enter trades, create reports and manage portfolios professionally in a system of record. But the costs for big enterprise software systems has traditionally been too high for many smaller companies. What we've created is a powerful solution that meets key trading requirements for most small marketers," says Hughes.

Among its many front-office features, Aspect TradeFlo provides users with a system to enter trades, monitor positions and exposure, and understand how market fluctuations and trades impact profits and losses. Users are able to create detailed audit, market exposure and P&L reports in exportable formats. OILwatch and other industry systems and real-time energy pricing feeds integrate seamlessly with Aspect TradeFlo to eliminate redundant data input and inaccuracies.

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