Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Arizona Real Estate Partners of OZ Realty Go Flat-fee for Charity Through November 1

PHOENIX/EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 2, 2007 --- When real estate partners of OZ Realty set their sights on impacting the community they live in, in a big, big way, they did it with gusto - and at tremendous personal, financial sacrifice.

"Our biggest concern is that no one will take us seriously, but this is a legitimate business venture for us," stated Partner Sanjog Gopal. "With so much talk about trouble in the real estate market, we aim to stir things up in the Phoenix area by saving sellers a lot of money, by donating a lot of money to a good cause, and by boosting our local real estate market."

OZ Realty has instituted the "Spread Goodwill" program that includes a full service listing of any home for a $1500 flat fee until November 1, 2007. Color flyers and open houses are included. "We stand to build this area. Discount brokers charge twice as much - around $3000 - and do not provide open houses," said Gopal. "Other full service listings come with a cost equal to three percent of the purchase price of the home which can run $7500 on a $250,000 home."

OZ Realty will donate 100 percent of commissions to charity, either of the sellers' choosing or that of OZ Realty, if clients prefer. The research into local organizations Gopal has performed indicates those that would immediately benefit from the progam are the 100 Club, Boys and Girls Club of Arizona and Habitat for Humanity of Arizona.

"As wallets become thin, the funds flowing into community organizations has waned," added Gopal. "We project that if we help sell just 10 homes a month, we can save sellers $60,000 and donate $15,000 a month. The more homes that sell, the more money that is saved and the more money that is donated. It's more than just homes on the line - it's our reputation, our local economy and community charities."

The local real estate economy benefits from lower commissions from OZ Realty, because sellers can lower their asking price and entice buyers to get back in the market. "Creating awareness of our program builds recognition of our services and will help us build marketshare," concluded Gopal.

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