Saturday, April 11, 2009

MWS Launches New Ad Campaign For Its Brand

Faridabad (India) (Mediabharti Syndication Service) 10 April: Mediabharti Web Solution launched a new advertisement campaign for its brand ‘’ and its other sub-domains such as ‘Career’ (a complete career and education guide), ‘Lipstick’ (a dedicated website for women) and the movie section.

For the promotion of the ‘Career’ sub- domain, there are two creatives. One is aptly titled 'Your way to go ahead' while the other focuses on 'Giving your career a headstart,' @ In second creative, a person is shown atop a mountain brooding and reflecting the success story of one individual while in the other, a ladder has been shown as a symbol of the chosen path to success.

Two other creatives for the women's section of ‘’, are clubbed under ‘Lipstick’projecting aptly well defined feminine tastes.

While the copy of one reads as 'Your friend in all times', showing some rouge and lipstick marks, truly feminine, the other one is a little titillating and naughty, titled 'Strictly for women, Men are not allowed'.

The Creative for's Cinema section offers tempting glimpses of the Bollywood world and routes to its 'Broadband' section too.

The main creative to promote the entire portal reflects's global reach and a serious endeavor to offer a wide range of inputs to provide a total package tailor-made to suit the requirement of viewers and surfers.

Creatives have been prepared by reputed contemporary artistes and designers.

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