Friday, May 20, 2016

Hacked Linkedin Users’ Data Is On Sale…

If you remember, in year 2012, social network platform LinkedIn suffered a massive data breach in which more than six million users accounts’ login details were posted online by a Russian hacker. Now, it turns out that it was not just only six million users who got their login details stolen but according to latest reports the stolen data breach may have of about 117 million users. And, yes…, this data is for sale online now…!

A hacker nicknamed ‘Peace’, after almost four years, is offering this data for sale online on an illegal Dark Web marketplace ‘The Real Deal’ for five bitcoins (approximately $2,200). It has been claimed that the database of 167 million emails and hashed passwords belongs to LinkedIn users. The hacker has also confirmed these logins come from the 2012 data breach.

Entire incident proved that LinkedIn stored its users’ passwords in an insecure way and that the social network did not make it known exactly how widespread the data breach was at that time. Meanwhile, a spokesperson from LinkedIn informed that the company is investigating the matter.

Security experts have recommended that users should change passwords immediately and keep a longer and stronger one for any online account.

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