Monday, September 24, 2007

Chemeca 2007

Victoria, Australia - Chemeca 2007 conference will interest all professionals in the chemical engineering and chemical process related sectors.

Chemeca 2007 will not only be a showcase for new knowledge but also a forum to discuss current issues. It is an excellent opportunity to share innovation. The industry and academia leaders will present their visions for the future of our profession, especially in the Australasian context. Chemeca 2007 also provides the opportunity for the technology and service providers to promote their products and services to a learned audience.

Chemeca 2007 will bring together people from throughout our region and beyond for the purpose of sharing experiences in the discovery, development and application of technology for the process industries.

The theme of the conference has been chosen to highlight the role of our profession in generating the benefits that academia and industry deliver for the community at large. Accordingly, we are calling for papers from academia and industry on a broad range of topics of both current relevance and future importance.

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