Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tanya Jones Transforms Tragedy into Triumph with Her Life as a Testimony

ST. LOUIS/EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 17, 2007 --- Reaching deep to find inner strength to overcome the most life-changing hardships and experiences is what Tanya Jones is all about - and because she knows she’s not alone in the onslaught of adversity, she put pen to paper to share her story and her strength with others.

Via a collection of narratives, the [40-something] mother shares her protracted, tumultuous journey through the years before arriving at the doorsteps of her current home. With roots in a housing project, the robbing of her innocence began at eight when her path crossed that of a family member, and less than a handful of years later, when a gang of five unscrupulous characters violently molested her. The passage of time took her years and her youth - with alcohol, spousal abuse and drugs striking out to scar her along the way, but the impediments did little to cork the power of her positive thinking.

Said Jones, "No matter how bad things become in a person's life, there is still room for encouragement, strength, compassion, faith and victory.”

Throughout the pages of "My Life as a Testimony," Jones recounts in graphic detail the physical and mental abuses she was subjected to during her marriage to a ruthless husband whose pursuit was relentless, when she struggled to escape his muscle and mastery. Her exchanges with law enforcement and the justice system, criminals and medical professionals led Jones not to question their abilities but to ruminate about the types of personalities compelled to pursue these professions.

The steps that led to her freedom - and ultimately to her faith - cover subjects that some readers will find controversial, such as interracial relationships and personal observations about being a black woman today. Jones applied her life lessons to the pages of her book and went further with her writings to expound on other social issues such abortion, capital punishment, marital infidelity, parenting and children, from a Christian point of view.

"By sharing my experiences, I am letting others know that they are not alone. I want to show them I care and that if I can overcome, so can they. God made a way out of no way for me. If by sharing my experiences I help the next person, then, so be it," stated Jones.

In one instance, harassment in the workplace at a government agency drove her from her job. Moving to support herself and her two children, Jones focused on the job hunt, applying for and being denied at over 200 positions in a year. Odd jobs she took on - doing others' hair, acting as a personal chaffeur shuffling people around in her car and bartending at parties - were the only source of income, until she opened a daycare in her home.

"No matter where you come from, who you are, what race, gender, religion, sexual preference, how much of less education you have, or even how much riches you have, we all still have something in common," added Jones, "and moreover, something to offer."
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