Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sonica Audio Labs LLC Debuts Cosmos-Q Audio Workstation

WINDHAM, N.H./EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 26, 2007 --- Sonica does it again with the release of the Cosmos-Q audio workstation. Powered by the Intel XEON 3250 Quad Core Processor running at 2.4GHz per core, the system is accompanied by 8MB of cache memory and with a 1066MHz Front Side Bus (FSB). The Cosmos-Q workstation incorporates Extreme XMS II DDR2-800MHz memory, SATA II storage and dual display support. This is one fast and quiet machine running at 22 db (A) and able to run over 200 plug-ins with ease.

The Cosmos-Q workstation supports all the very latest Intel technologies, allowing Sonica Audio Labs to outdistance itself from its competitors. The performance boost gained by the Cosmos-Q workstation simply translates into more plug-ins to run, more VST instruments to run and more tracks to add, resulting in an overall increase on users' efficiency - to minimize their total production time while maintaining rock-solid stability.

The system has tested to be compatible with leading DAW applicatios including Pro Tools LE, Nuendo, Cubase, Samplitude, Sequoia, SONAR, Live, Reason, GigaStudio and Kontact.

Compatibility with leading Pro Audio interfaces includes a lengthy list: Digidesigns M-BOX II, 003, Presonus FP10, FireStudio, RME Fireface 400/800, HDSP MADI, 9652, 9632, Multiface/Digiface with PCI/PCIe card, M-AUDIO 410, 1814, MIX I/O, MOTU, Traveler, 424 PCIe based systems.

With its brushed aluminum case, words such as "stylish" could be used to describe an audio PC. While being sexier than a standard beige or black PC, the Cosmos-Q audio workstation utilizes heat-pipe technology, ultra-quiet fans and sound barrier to keep a user's audio production environment quiet.

The Cosmos-Q audio workstation also offers a range of ports to add additional hardware and interface to a studio gear. There are ten USB2.0 ports, dual Texas Instruments FireWire IEEE-1394a ports, along with eSATA and dual display support.

Sonica Audio Labs LLC. configures the Cosmos-Q audio workstation with audio production in mind, shipping with customized BIOS and optimized Windows XP services.

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