Monday, September 24, 2007

Sciral Introduces Flying Logic Planning Support Software

LOS ANGELES/EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 24, 2007 --- Today Sciral ("PSY-ruhl") released the first version of its innovative planning support software, "Flying Logic." Originally developed for a major defense contractor as part of its advanced concepts development program and targeted for use in military Course of Action Analysis (COA), Flying Logic uses a patented, highly visual interface to support techniques employed by strategists, planners, and consultants in the creation of plans at the earliest, most fluid stages.

"We set out to create a fresh, visual approach to the sort of critical thinking that military planners must apply to every mission, and realized that their methods had much in common with those used by professionals that specialize in business process reengineering and process improvement - they both have the goal of creating new, better situations out of existing, problematic situations," said Robert McNally, Sciral's president and the designer of Flying Logic.

Like spreadsheets do for financial planners, Flying Logic encourages strategic planners to play "what if" with cause-and-effect scenarios, giving them the ability to try many more possibilities in a shorter time than would be possible with any other kind of software. Planners focus on their planning, and Flying Logic takes care of the layout and formatting details, including using smooth, animated transitions as the diagram changes and grows. "Flying Logic is not a drawing program even though it is used to create diagrams," said McNally. "It is a new kind of spreadsheet - a spreadsheet for general rational thinking."

McNally continued, "When a system has problems, learning what really needs changing - and what to change to - encompasses a set of methodologies that are distinct from traditional project management. Answering these questions becomes even more complex in the world of organizational strategy: root causes must be identified, solutions created and tested, obstacles identifed and overcome, and negative outcomes mitigated or circumvented. There are proven practices for accomplishing these goals, but until now there has been no targeted software support for quickly and easily creating the cause-and-effect trees necessary to think them through."

Flying Logic is available for Windows and Mac OS X in three editions at special introductory prices: Professional ($149), Personal ($79), and Student ($39). All editions are available for immediate download from and include a fully-functional 30-day trial.
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